Women of my heart

I feel truly blessed to do this work.

Being of service to the women in my life, fills me with so much joy.

Alexandra Schueler

Writer + Poet + Founder of Wild Feminine Un.Leashed

Amber is the epitome of playfulness and magic embodied. I've worked with Amber in various capacities over the years and her depth of love, commitment to service, and absolute joy in getting to show up in her work and offerings for others is unmatched. She has the biggest heart and a strength in intuition that supports her in holding incredible space -- whether it's in making art, cooking delicious food, or working one-on-one with a woman. Not to mention, her hugs are some of my absolute favorite in the world. If you ever get a chance to have a hug from her, consider yourself blessed.



brooke rosenblum

Portrait Photographer + Crystal Healer + Wellness Advocate

Amber's delightful dishes are seriously - just that. Simply divine meals that nourish you beyond measure.  The way this wise woman utilizes her intuition to create purely tasty treats is mind blowing!  Even when her meals are planed in advance for group settings, once you are served you can smell, taste and undeniably feel the love that is infused into each ingredient. Whatever the time of day, and now matter how simple the recipe, the alchemy that happens through this kitchen witch is purely sublime. When I think of her main entrees, sweet treats and even her signature bulletproof coffee, I am left salivating until I can be graced with her gifts of cooking again!

Anndrea Terry

Wellness Coach + Yoga Instructor + Counselor

Amber is a beautiful, intuitive soul that is deeply invested and connected to her work. She devotes her whole being to her dharma and it shows. My time with her was loving, insightful and safe. I am honored to call her a dear friend and teacher.

Sarah L'Hrar

Author + Astrologist + Blogger

Amber is luminous. Her heart and passion is a light house for all creatives, and an inspiration for me as an artist and as a woman. Her art is a mix of love and instinct, of generosity and sensuality. Every painting inspired by the deepest parts of her soul. What you see in her paintings is true for her as a woman and leader. Bright, loving, generous, colorful. To be part of workshops and her groups is to know that you are guided by someone whose intentions are pure, who lives in alignment with her soul, and who will support and give you the strength to move forward. She amazes me with her ability to welcome and gently guide everyone with grace and her giant mama bear heart. I am ever so grateful to know her and to be one of her sisters in this world.

Ashley Scarpa

Photographer + Blogger + Conservationist

I'm happy to say that I own a most magnificent piece of art from Amber and I've also worked one on one with her. As an artist, her work is not only beautiful but it is unique and intriguing. I shared with her that each and every time I pass her piece hanging on my wall, I pause and direct my thoughts to it. I simply can't help it. It's beautiful and awe inspiring. Almost as if it has its own sort of magic within it. As for her one on one work, it's awesome. Amber makes you feel comfortable, goes out of her way by taking an immense amount of time to prepare for your sessions with her and is a wealth of information and inspiration. The knowledge on the subjects she covers is really crazy! She ties in so many elements and leaves you wanting to further explore the things you were wondering about and new things that she's shared with you!

Iris Nabalo

 Lifestyle Writer + Photographer

Amber's art is enchanting, her paintings take you on a journey through a landscape filled with Goddesses. Amber's heart is gold, her love is like a warm blanket in the midst of winter. I feel so blessed to call her my sister.

Ashley Gordon Griffith

Life Coach + Healer + Priestess

So thankful for the awesome, awesome reading I just received!!!! I can't thank you enough!!!! I started integrating everything as soon as we disconnected. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and I can just breathe and be in peace without feeling like I have to "do" anything. It's been difficult over the last several months for me. With me being pregnant I have felt like I wasn't doing nearly as much in terms of creating art or being the spiritual leader I strive to be. Thank you for helping me to realize that it's okay for me to just relax and enjoy being a human and a mother above all else because I'm in the process of creating one of the greatest masterpieces of my life. Your energy is so warm, compassionate, and embracing. You read me like a book too! Lol. So thankful to have you in my life you wonderful lady. ❤✊👑

If you need an amazing in depth reading I highly recommend this woman.

Annette Trent


Amber Rose Stahl, from the first time I saw your artwork, I felt such a zing of energy. Your art radiates with vibrancy and fire and love. As an owner of one of your original pieces I can say that the moment we placed "Sugar" into our home, the energy lit up the atmosphere. You have a beautiful gift, and an exhilarating heart. Please keep making your magic and sharing it with the world <3

Jessica Pacheco

Healer + Coach

Amber Rose's Art is not just any art. It comes from a seed that was planted long ago, across space and time. Through many life times of magic and from the Divine Source of Life Force Energy ~From the place where Angels fly, the land of Fairies and Sprites. She incorporates her powerful Energetic Healing Gifts and Infuses it into her Paintings from the top to the bottom of her HeART. Amber Rose is a Shamanic Painter and anyone who is lucky enough to obtain any piece of her Art work in any form will experience life shifting healing on any level from Subtle to Fierce, just as her magic is, as a Woman, a Mother, and a Healer. Her art is an extension of the powerful beauty and healing that is Amber Rose Stahl.

Becca o'leary


Amber's artwork is beauty.  What's more is that it's created with so much pure love that it literally exudes love into your home.  I recently added an original painting to our baby's nursery and the sweet, calm serenity it adds to the space is amazing.  Amber's nurturing, loving heart SHINES out from her work.

Paula Beth

Oracle + Healer

If I lived anywhere near this woman. rather than across the country, I would hire Amber Rose to my personal chef.  This woman is - beyond belief - magical in the kitchen arena! Watching her create the tasty concoctions only added to the affect her food has on me, She lights up with this creating and every ounce of that joy is felt in each delicous bite of food. I WILL have her food again some day. I promised myself.  It's on my bucket list.