i love to nourish & live to feed my tribe.

Anyone can cook. Anyone can learn those skills.

Some of us however know how to truly nourish.
That is an art, all it's own.

Channeling the sacred mother, we create edible creations, infused with love and magick.

We are

Makers of Sacred Nourishment.

Crafters of Conscious Cooking. 

Kitchen Witches.

i consciously stir in sacred nourishment. infusing the food i create, with so much love, light & Laughter.

Our bodies must be fed yes, but so also our hearts and our souls. When I cook for someone I cook for their whole being.

let me feed you.

This summer I will be cooking up some Fierce Magick with my favorite women, in the Green Mountains of Vermont.
It's going to be off the chain awesome!!!

4th Retreat with this Badass Crew!
These women Are my heart tribe.

If you are not yet familiar with the wild and wonderful Alexandra Schueler, it's time you check out her work. Seriously!!

She inspires me to no end. A powerful writer, mentor, sister and friend. Creator of Wild Feminine Un.Leashed, a sacred circle of sisterhood that is unlike anything I could have ever imagined. A healing container for women to gather and come home to themselves, each other and the Earth.