tune in to your intuition.

Hear Your Heart.

Claim Your Power.


Ancient wisdom + NewAge magick.

In 2015 I had a vision. I was to create a deck. A cosmic set of sacred keys. Designed to assist the seeker in tuning into their intuition, hearing their heart with greater clarity and truly claiming their power. The images and words are simple. Echoing ancient wisdom, infused with soul nourishment and divine love.

build a bridge

Each card is a key that can unlock inner doors and can assist you in building a bridge between your subconscious and conscious, between your heart and your mind, between the unseen world and the seen world.

Explore your power.

embrace your gifts.

discover new Tools.

The time of going to the leader for the answers is over. We are all being asked to go direct.
This deck is a tool to assist you in doing just that.

Be your own guru.

There is no fancy booklet that will tell you what to do or even what each card means. That part is up to you.

The answers that you seek already live in you. It's time to be your own guru.

HeartQuest is a NewAge tool, here to provide simple keys to assist you in opening inner doors.

What you discover there, is yours to explore.

heartquest deck

Each Deck Contains 55 Cards
Includes Black Velvet, Fuchsia Lined Carrying Bag
+ 15 minute Phone Consult + Digital Guidance


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HeartQuest Session

90 Minutes One on One. 
You, Me, HeartQuest Deck and Divine Assistance. I will draw cards for you and lovingly guide you in bringing forward the sacred medicine that your heart is calling for.

Are you at a crossroads?

Feeling hungry for deeper nourishment?

Does your heart long for clarity and support?

I have walked through the fiery depths of hell and back again. I have held my sisters through some of their most trying moments and I have witnessed divine miracles and so much fierce magick.

Sister I would be honored to hold sacred space with you and assist you in discovering the keys you seek, unlocking the doors you've been searching for and turning the page on a new chapter.

If you desire to move forward in a big new way, this is a beautiful place to start.


Sessions are LIVE via Skype or Google Chat. Once you purchase I will contact you within 72 hrs to schedule your appointment.