the official down low

Photo: Spring 2016 Wild Feminine Un.Leashed Retreat in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina

Photo: Spring 2016 Wild Feminine Un.Leashed Retreat in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina

Amber Rose Stahl is an Artist, Poet, Chef and the Visionary Creator of HeartQuest deck. A NewAge tool for personal development. She empowers women to discover and embrace their innately feminine gifts, inspiring them to listen deeply to their hearts and create the life of theirs dreams.  

She is on a mission to connect with women worldwide, to hold up the cosmic mirror and show them how powerful and amazing they actually are. Amber Rose's art knows no limits and cannot be caged into any one form.  She paints, she writes, she dances, she sings, she cooks, she nourishes and she cares deeply for her tribe. Committed to living a life of playfulness and magic, with a continuous deep sense of awe in the divine. Her laughter is contagious, so watch out!

Sharing the art of her heart really lights Amber up so she shares a lot on instagramfacebook and at numerous in person retreats and gatherings, across the globe.

The Not So Official Down Low

The unedited no make up version. Taking while I was catering the Journey Into the Wild Woman's Den Retreat in the California Dessert. February 2017

The unedited no make up version. Taking while I was catering the Journey Into the Wild Woman's Den Retreat in the California Dessert. February 2017

Hi ya'll. What's up? I am glad that you are here, reading about me. What an honor. Thank you!  I am a bit of a mix of a mountain mama and a gypsy mermaid, (whatever that even means). What I am really trying to say is I am a lover of Earth and Nature.  I feel most at peace when in the ocean.

I have a wondering spirit. I loooooove to travel and have great adventures, yet also love to come home and have roots. I can at times be hermit like too. In those times I paint a lot and write a lot and sometimes only speak to my husband and children for many days at a time.

I was born in a pyramid shaped home my father built, on a lake in the foothills of the Great Smokey Mountains. My parents both transplants from Southern California, raised me with both a deep love for and connection to nature and a vast knowledge of natural healing, alternative spirituality and the miracles of manifestation.

I came into this life pretty lit up intuitively and could see auras and communicate with faeries and elemental beings when I was a small child. I begun writing cosmic songs and poetry at the tender age of 8, and I knew then that I was here to be an Artist, an Artist and a Great Mother. This would be my life's work. But I forgot somewhere along the way. 

I got scared and lost and bought into cultural lies and suffered deeply, so much pain on every level, until I begun to remember again who I really was.  The more I remembered the more I healed my connection to myself and to God, Source, Great Spirit. Now I am passionate about living my dharma and sharing my heart with the world. Thank you for hearing me and witnessing my work. May it be a blessing to you and support you on your path.

A little List of random stuff about my life.

Completed my first 4 full rounds of a Sweat Lodge at age 8.
Went on my first Spiritual Pilgrim to India when I was 17.
I have been a mother since I was only 18.

I have 2 children ages 7 and 16.

They are the sunshine in my world and I love them more than words could ever express.

I'm wildly in love with my husband. We have been together nearly 13 years (bakers dozen), but this current chapter of our relationship, is my favorite one yet. I feel like we are just now really hitting our stride and I am so looking forward to this whole wild wonderful journey with him.

I started working in commercial kitchens at the age of 14.

First as a dishwasher, then a waitress, then a hostess.

Then at 17 I became a baker. Oooo how I loved that work!!!

Eventually though I developed a wheat allergy.... for real... ugh.

This inspired me to get creative though and learned how to really bake bomb ass goodies, wheat-free. Yay!

In time I became a chef and I have done it all. From Raw Vegan to Filet Mignon. From Indian to Italian and anything in between.
I stopped working the restaurant scene about 9 years ago, trading it for the private chef life.

I have had some pretty amazing clients over the years too.  Spiritual teachers, authors and powerful leaders.

Ooo enough about the cooking thing. That isn't my whole jam, though I am very passionate about it.

Painting. Mmmm painting saved my life. No joke. I was down and out and in desperate pain. Plagued by PTSD and unending migraines. Then somehow by grace I surrendered it all to God and I was told to paint. As I did the pain lifted. It was pure magic. There is no other explanation. Now I use paint regularly as my greatest medicine and I have found that it is also medicine for those I share it with.

Poetry, poetry is permission to speak my truth. Writing in flowing lines gives spaciousness to my passion and power to my purpose. When I am writing poetry there is no need to hold back anymore. I become like a flowing river, pouring myself out onto the thirsty Earth. Writing in this way feeds me and sometimes it even helps me breathe. For it is in those moments when anxiety comes sneaking in that I turn to my paper and pen and find relief through the letting go, the letting flow of my words.

What else. Let's see. I love blueberries and moon lite wakes by the sea.
My favorite color is tourqoise, though fuchsia comes really close.

Anything else you want to know, just ask.

I'm a fairly open book.